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Industry | Fashion

Year | 2022

III Milenio Website

III Milenio is a family owned business, they design fashion with leather. During the COVID pandemic all of their retail sales dropped and where in need a digital store that could showcase their products with the same quality as physical stores.

During consultation we understood that their products where of the same quality as the market leader, with the added value of a very competitive price point and outstanding designs. What they needed was to amplify their reach and have a compelling brand story. With this we started the design process, very product oriented; we needed consumers to be able to compare III Milenio brand with other market alternatives.

With their online store the company was able to switch their sales mix to a 70% digital, 30% face-to-face sales; with net sales above $35.000/month. With our e-commerce solutions the client can easily update their product catalog, photos and pricing strategy with just a few clicks