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Industry | Real Estate

Year | 2022

Rivana Parque Empresarial

Rivana Business Park is a project conceived to be developed in stages and become a master plan in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Its first two phases will comprise approximately 100,000 m2 of leased construction and 51,500 m2 of area, divided into two towers, connected by a 4,460 m2 public space called the Plazoleta Los Colores.

Rivana is a gigantic project, which is why many online news outlets, real estate brokers, both local and national, have it as a benchmark in their sector. Rivana Business Park is a frequent publication subject for countless and well knonw sources. This became an issue because the online traffic from Google Search went straight to third parties. Rivana was missing leads and depending on external websites for it’s brand awareness.

They needed a safe and engaging website, with a high-end and user first design to publicize the project and keep their audience informed about future progress in each stage. We built for Rivana a custom-made website, fully scalable and easy to manage. Today Rivana Website ranks first place with its keywords on Google Search Results, so the marketing team has control over the content that the users see first and the leads convert directly on their forms. No more dependence on third parties.