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Industry | Online Education

Year | 2022

Teatime Academia Web

On most LatAm countries population has a very bad English proficiency and to access international schools or the job market there is a high IELTS requirement.

Teatime offers intensive IELTS preparation, with courses for up to four students; flexible schedule; exam drills, native teachers, and many other benefits – unique in the industry.

Even although the product was top notch, they were lacking the leads to fill the courses and the teachers’ time, this is when UPPERFORM came in to help them. We developed a landing page, using all of the industry’s best practices:

  • Compelling copy, supporting images and badges.
  • Minimal and to the point navigation.
  • Matching headline and CTA for maximum conversions.
  • Emphasizing the offer’s value and differentials.
  • Simple and to the point lead collection form.

With these best practices implemented and a good PPC campaign TeaTime quadrupled their weekly lead generation, and consequently were able to fill all the courses, to the point that they had to acquire new instructors.