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Industry | Fashion

Year | 2022

eCommerce Almazul

Almazul is one of the biggest designer brand in Colombia, with monthly sales reaching $50.000. However, over the last few years the brand growth peaked, as 100% of sales came from retail stores.

When researching the Colombian market, we made evident that e-commerce was growing 129% YoY and they needed to open their online store to continue with the growth trend. The project started with a consultation, where we understood the clients pain points, brands unique selling proposition and differentiation points. After this, we aligned the graphic concept they wanted to transmit to customers, their digital journey target web traffic, leads, conversion rate and sales.

Currently, e-commerce channel accounts for 25% of the companies total sales (over $18.000), with an increased product margin of 60% since no physical store is needed. The store’s backend is designed in such a way that the client can easily update their product catalog, photos and pricing strategy with just a few clicks.