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Industry | Water Filters

Year | 2021

Aquafeel Solutions Websites

Aquafeel is a leading Water Purifying Solutions company in the United States. They have a proven method; if they can do a product demonstration on customers’ homes, then their closed business ratio goes up to 85%+.

They needed a website where they could explain to the customers how water filters profoundly improve water quality and hence, overall’s family health. If the message was transmitted correctly, they would achieve a higher lead capture. Under this rationale, design had to be really clean & messages very straightforward so consumers could quickly graps the Unique Selling Proposition.

The website is connected to EWG’s Tap Water Database (drinking water quality analysis) for users to have an accurate water quality assessment and a booking system for a free – in home – water test. We’ve also built a login module for their sales representatives. In this module, sales team will get real time updates on commercial incentives, promotions, new water studies, updates sales pitch, new product launches, upcoming events and more. Finally website is integrated with CRM, once a potential customer registers the marketing automation strategy kicks in with a full nurturing program.